Electronic Drum Kit

GSDS Electronic Drum Rack

A drum rack is a great option for drummers who want to expand their electronic drum kit. Many racks come with front and side parts that can be modified to fit a wide variety of add-ons.

This electronic drum rack system comes with clamps to hold (3) cymbals and (4) pads. Its simplistic design is lightweight with a clean look and small footprint.


This GSDS is a great drum rack for drummers who need a lot of space for their kit. It has four posts and can house a large number of toms and cymbals. It’s also very sturdy, which is important for drummers who play loudly. This is especially true for metal drummers.

A good drum rack should be easy to set up and compatible with arms, extensions, and other add-ons. This makes it easier to reposition the rack and ensure that your setup is ready for any performance.

The GSDS has main and side packages, so you can customize your rack to fit your setup. It comes with hinged memory locks and V-angle adjustable clamps for a wide variety of hardware. It also includes standard and tube top cymbal adapters. It’s also fairly lightweight, so it won’t be too hard to transport. Its non-skid rubber feet prevent the drum rack from moving during a performance. This is a good feature for drummers who play in small venues.

Gibraltar Multi-Purpose Rack E-Drum Pack

With clamps to hold three cymbals, four drum pads and a module, this electronic drum rack system from Gibraltar is lightweight, sleek and a perfect upgrade for gigging drummers looking for a road worthy and light weight setup. Its simplistic design and small footprint allows it to be easily set up on any stage or even in your spare room, and memory locks ensure your cymbals and stands stay where you want them to be. This is the hardware Sweetwater drummers depend on for a rock solid foundation for acoustic drums, DJ systems, keyboards and home recording equipment. Order yours today! Free shipping! *Consult your local laws and regulations regarding the use of memory locks. Most states require them. Some models may be shipped disassembled for easier transportation.

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