Yoga and Drum Yoga

Yoga and Drum Yoga

Join us for a one of a kind experience that pairs yoga with drumming. This is one of the most fun workouts that can be done with any age or ability level.

Drumming uses the entire brain and synchronizes the logical left hemisphere with the intuitive right hemisphere (the seat of the gut intuition). It also increases neurogenesis, boosting the size of the hippocampus which helps fight depression and memory loss.


For those who are interested in adding a unique element to their yoga practice, djembe drums may be just the thing. These small, hand-held instruments can be played by one or more people and offer an immersive experience that is both relaxing and energizing. When combined with yoga, they can create a powerful and holistic workout that connects mind, body and spirit.

Many yogis also incorporate the use of drums into their meditation and chanting practices. They find that the soft beat of the drum helps to focus their minds and increase the effectiveness of their practice. The vibrations of the drum can even help to heal the inner most parts of their bodies.

The goal of a yoga class accompanied by music is to instill oneness or harmony. Similarly, the goal of playing a drum is to work as one with the instrument and to play in harmony. This type of practice can be meditative in itself, as it requires concentration and attention to detail.


Rhythmic tapping on the body’s acupressure points (known as Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping) reduces the pain and intensity of mental health symptoms such as anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, and trauma. It also stimulates a parasympathetic nervous system response to decrease stress hormones like cortisol and boost the immune system, as well as increasing Alpha waves in the brain.

The EFT tapping technique involves focusing on a negative emotion such as fear or worry, then using your fingertips to tap 5-7 times on 9 specific acupoints on the body. These include: the inside edge of your eye, the outside corner of your eye, the center of your forehead, the notch on your collarbone just below the u-shaped area, and under your armpit.

A special tongue drum can be used to aid in chakra cleansing by playing notes that correspond with the individual chakras. This can be combined with visualizations and breathing techniques to facilitate deeper emotional healing within the body.


Playing rhythmic patterns engages your entire brain, bringing left and right brain hemispheres into synchronization. This is similar to the effects of deep meditation and increases Alpha waves, which create feelings of euphoria and flowing creativity. In one study, participants listened to different drumming patterns and wrote descriptions of their experience. Some of these included shamanic imagery, feeling of becoming energized and sensations of flying or distorted body images (see Deep Listeners 2, p. 12).

This first hihat pattern is a variation on the basic quarter note groove and introduces a 16th note rhythm to your practice. Coordinating this pattern with bass drum and snare can be challenging, especially at higher speeds. Practice playing this pattern with a metronome set to 1/16th notes and slowly increase the speed until you are able to play it accurately. Then try pairing the patterns together, such as beat 1 from one pattern with beat 2 from another. This will help you develop a more expansive vocabulary of bass drum patterns while also improving your coordination.


With the soft beat of a drum, yoga can be transformed into an even more powerful experience. Rhythm and the body are natural partners, so using sound to enhance a workout is easy for any yogi. Whether it’s crystal singing bowls, metal singing bowls or a djembe drum, adding music to a practice can make for an incredible combination.

Inspiring Actions Yoga is offering a new class that combines yoga and drumming. Called Serenity Roots Drum Circles, the one-hour class allows participants to relax while playing drums. Instructor Neal Roellich says the group drumming experience helps release negativity, balance masculine and feminine energies and provides healing for the body and soul.

This hang drum and Indian tabla calming music is perfect as reiki music or massage music! It’s also a great way to keep your focus and calm the mind! It is useful for meditation, sleep, reiki, acupuncture or other healing methods. Listen and enjoy!

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